GutTracker: an "EKG for the GUT"  

Over 40 million patients visit gastroenterologists for GI conditions every year. Current options for assessing gastrointestinal activity to evaluate motility disorders are inadequate.  G-Tech Medical has developed GutTracker, a disruptive technology to address this need.

Existing approaches typically assess only a single organ, are invasive, and are performed under artificial conditions for a short period of time. G-Tech’s GutTracker is a wireless wearable patch that measures GI motility of the stomach, small intestines and colon non-invasively over multiple days.

Over 600 tests have been run under IRB approvals, resulting in 4 peer reviewed publications and numerous conference posters, and providing key insights into the science of motility.

We envision that this breakthrough system ultimately will be used whenever motility is a concern, such as in patients with IBD, IBS or other functional GI disorder, or as a means of determining readiness of feeding in post-operative care.

The GutTracker is not currently available for sale.