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Stanford researchers to present early results on study using G-Tech patch system at DDW17.  2/24/17

G-Tech gratefully acknowledges a generous grant from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation towards our efforts to develop a GI diagnostic tool that will help many patients, including those with IBD that the foundation is devoted to. 12/14/16

G-Tech is excited to announce a significant milestone, the GutCheck patch has now been used on the 50th in-hospital patient to study their postoperative recovery following an abdominal surgery.  11/10/16

G-Tech's Anand Navalgund, Phd is a recipient of the Young investigator award for his scientific accomplishment in the American Gastroenterological Association’s competition at the 2016 Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) meeting in San Diego, CA.  5/21/16

El Camino Hospital's press release announcing the launch of a study with the G-Tech Medical's GutCheck System. 3/18/16

Gastrointestinal motility underlies common disorders and dysfunctions, yet there are currently no good ways to measure it. 

Home use

Hospital use

The G-Tech patch system determines digestive function by measuring muscle activity of the stomach, small intestine and colon



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