Founded by the Thiel Foundation in November 2011, Breakout Labs uses philanthropy to support a growing list of early-stage companies in areas ranging from food science and biomedicine to clean energy. The program provides up to $350,000 for companies to achieve specific milestones that are critical to their development. In addition to the funding, Breakout Labs grant recipients benefit directly from the Thiel Foundation’s large community of investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Going well beyond financial support Breakout Labs also provides access to strategic mentorship and networking opportunities that enable further development for years to come. Successful grantees contribute to the next generation of scientific innovation, in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement.

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NetScientific identifies, develops and commercializes transformative biomedical and healthcare technologies originating from leading universities, teaching hospitals and research institutes, with a focus on United Kingdom and United States.

NetScientific's core strategy is to bring to market technologies that offer transformative benefits to people's lives and society through improving the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of chronic disease. Reducing the cost of monitoring and treating chronic disease has become one of the key challenges to the global healthcare sector. As the incremental effectiveness of new treatments reduces, development costs increase. Consequently NetScientific's areas of focus represent highly attractive growth markets with high unmet medical needs, and in which it has significant amount of experience, expertise and strong existing networks.

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The mission of the Kenneth Rainin Foundation is to enhance quality of life by championing the arts, promoting early childhood literacy, and supporting research to cure chronic disease. Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of all our programs. Our work is guided by our commitment to change through inquiry, creativity and compassion.

Health: The Rainin Foundation believes that providing early support for innovative ideas can lead to improvements in preventing, diagnosing and treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Our unique funding approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) research could lead to new, transformative discoveries for IBD and other chronic diseases. Our investments enable researchers to test ideas and gather data to advance the understanding of IBD. Beyond funding, we recognize the importance of dialogue and facilitate collaboration among innovative researchers to enhance discoveries. Our flexibility as a funder allows us to provide support when there are obstacles and questions, and opportunities for scientific advancements.

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Propel(x) is where investors connect with world-changing startups.

What if you were able to unleash huge innovations, grow great businesses, and truly impact the way we live? And what if you could do it all by investing in science-based startups? Propel(x) is making this vision a reality. Beyond the hype of internet startups, there’s a world where startups are developing new forms of clean energy, life saving drugs, and exciting new materials. They are also using data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other significant scientific and technological breakthroughs to change the world and build the next generation of great companies. We connect our members with these exciting startups.

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