Our Solution: The G-Tech GutTracker

future home use diagram
Future home use
future hospital use diagram
Future hospital use

G-Tech is developing a wearable medical technology that will be used to measure gastrointestinal (GI) motility. The G-Tech system will consist of wireless, wearable electrode patches that read electrical signals at the skin surface, a smartphone app that collects the raw data from the patches via Bluetooth LE and sends it to a cloud server, and data analysis algorithms that process and quantify the motor activity of the digestive organs. The system is currently under development.

The patches will be conforming, water resistant, thin, light and completely non-invasive. Although wearable and smartphone connected, the G-Tech system will be a medical device that will be used under the supervision of physicians rather than a consumer item. 

G-Tech’s Patch System will be focused on meeting market driven and clinical needs to create a new standard of care that both dramatically improves outcomes and reduces costs associated with GI conditions. The system will have the potential to transform care for patients, providers and institutions.